This is the beginning of a three week adventure in Europe. It starts with three days in Amsterdam. A city that I only imagined was full of drunkenness, stoned tourists, filthy streets, and hookers. All of which I encountered. What I did not know about this old city was its history, its beautiful architecture, friendly locals, and gorgeous canals. So on my first day, with a natural wake up of 3:30am (due to the large time change), I decided to get up and walk about. With the sun coming up around four am, I grabbed my camera and snuck out of the room quietly and went for an adventure. Each day consisted of "coffee shops", espressos, small heinekens, and logging many miles on foot wandering aimlessly to see what I could find. Even getting a chance to run into old friends. Amsterdam, you were wonderful. Please enjoy what I snapped along the way. Using a 7dmkII and a Fuji GS645 and pockets full of 120 film I shot everything I saw.